With such an array of information and media out there we are going to use this page to consolidate the views and reviews out there for you into one central location. Check our boat review section as we aim to add as many independent reviews of the current riviera range as we can to help you identify the model best suited to your needs.


Buying a boat is not just about what you buy but also about the process of buying,  the people you experience during this process are very important to your future boating enjoyment, so it’s important that you get it right. When you deal with one of our sales executives you will pleasantly surprised with their extensive knowledge about new Riviera boats but also each individual Riviera on the second hand market. They know the boats that come out of the factory by their individual hull numbers so it doesn’t matter how many owners a Riviera has had, they will know what has been done to it. So many of our clients choose to have their boat serviced and maintained by our service department, so our company often knows the complete history of the vessels we sell.

We recommend you read the expert opinions of the independent reviewers on the Boat Reviews page, combined with our sales teams knowledge will ensure you are well advised on which boats are the best fit for your needs and usage.