New Belize Boats


If the legendary wooden boats of our past had kept evolving, how might they look today?

Belize could well offer some insights. We sense they may have stayed with a lower profile than many of today’s offerings. Not just for beauty’s sake, but because the more tall and top-heavy a boat, the more ungainly and susceptible to windage.

The trick is to have a sweet sheer line and profile without it stealing room below decks. On the Belize, the sheer remains fairly flat until gently rising toward the bow. But in this case, even good looks can be deceiving; the Belize actually delivers greater space— in the sizing of beds, heads, showers, in fact all living areas— than similar sized production counterparts.

The Belize designers have struck a keen eyed balance between European panache and Australian practicality.

New Belize Boats

Belize 54 Daybridge

Old world charm combined with high tech experienced boat builders has resulted in this modern boating classic.  Read More >>

Belize 54 Sedan

From the moment you step aboard and look around, it’s evident that the 54 Sedan is a “thinking man’s” boat. That is, there are so many cool features and ideas incorporated into the everyday function of this yacht that you know it had to be a seasoned team of boaters/ builders who dreamt it up Read More >>