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No Power TXT – No more flat batteries

WHY YOU NEED REMOTE POWER MONITORING The power supply to any power outlet can be lost for a wide range of reasons with far-reaching and potentially expensive consequences. In many cases it’s not the power going out in the area that causes your problem, it’s the RCD (safety switch) tripping for various reasons. NoPowerTXT is […]

OKA – Polynesian Raw Fish and Coconut Salad

This is a dish that is perfectly suited for fresh fish caught on your boat. Simple to prepare, delicious, healthy with a tropical feel, you’ll find this a hit with everyone who loves fresh fish. Everything about this dish is according to personal taste, so you’d be hard-pressed to find two people that make it […]

Anchoring your Riviera or Belize Motor Yacht

Kooringal Experience for Riviera Owner’s with R Marine Jones

Kooringal a sleepy little town, is famous for The Toulkerrie Oyster Farm where you can get fresh oysters grown right on Moreton Island and the famous Gutter bar. Although more isolated Kooringal offers a relaxing, secluded boating off the beaten path, with great fishing all around. With a  population of just under 300 residents, the […]

Make Ice Cream on your boat in 5 Minutes

Make Ice Cream in a Plastic Bag Yes, it sounds dangerous and the potential for messes seems highly likely, but you’ll be surprised at much you’ll enjoy it when you make ice cream on your boat miles from any shop. Getting Started As a general guide, the following quantities will be enough to make around one […]

Christmas at Jumpinpin with R Marine Jones

When it comes to event planning Randall and the team have the Midas touch.  On the day of the Christmas Party the Gold Coast was experiencing the wettest day of the month. Over 20mm of rain that fell that morning, during one of the heavy falls a group SMS was sent from Randall and in […]

7 Reasons Boats are good for your health

Strictly speaking boats aren’t time machines per-se, they can not transport you from one period in time to another but they can transport you to places where it seems time has left them behind. Places where development is gauged by how much the reef has expanded, progression is heralded by the return of a species and infrastructure […]

Riviera 5400 Sport Yacht – The next big thing from Riviera

Riviera 5400 Sport Yacht – Could it get any better? CLICK HERE to view the preliminary specifications. As dealers of Riviera & Belize motor yachts based at the Riviera factory complex, the team at R Marine Jones have been eagerly awaiting the moment we can inform our Riviera family about the new Riviera 5400 Sport Yacht. […]

Destination Jumpinpin – South Stradbroke Island

  Jumpinpin, South Stradbroke Island, Qld There is something special about spending time on the water, the natural roll and rhythm relaxes and restores your energy. For me, a day-trip is the perfect tonic to bring balance back into a busy life and one of my favourite destinations is Jumpinpin on the northern tip of South […]

6 P’s of Selling a boat

There’s no doubt that some boats sell faster than others, what really helps your boat being one of these is meeting market expectations with the first 3 p’s. Presentation, Price and Pedigree. These three key factors motivate buyers to act so they don’t miss out on the boat they have been waiting for. The first three […]